Friday, November 20, 2015 to Sunday, December 20, 2015




Out of the appreciation Stand Up For Downs and NEOPAT have for our men and women who are actively serving and have served this country, we are offering grants to help those servicemen and servicewomen who have a child or sibling with Down syndrome.  We recognize that there can be considerable expenses involved with caring for a person with Down syndrome from medical, therapeutic, or pharmaceutical expenses, to non-medical related expenses that are necessary to continue to enhance that person’s life.  We want to do our part to help those in the U.S. Military(past or present) pay these expenses to, hopefully, ease some of the financial burden, so their child or sibling with Down syndrome can enjoy a very productive and happy life.  Please continue reading below for all details involving this grant application process.


On behalf of Stand Up For Downs and NEOPAT, thank you for your service to this great country.

Eligibility and Grant Type:


Eligible applicants must be serving or have served in the US military (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard). We will also accept spouses or dependents of those who have served in the US Military.  The applicant must have a child or sibling with Down syndrome and demonstrate a specific need for funds to help support that individual.


Grants are awarded for either Non-Medical or Direct Medical needs.  Non-medical needs may include recreational activities such as dance classes, athletic activities or summer camps that directly support or enhance the life of the individual with Down syndrome.  Direct Medical expenses cover all hospital, doctor, pharmaceutical, therapy, and other medical-related needs. 


All grants are awarded in the form of a check payable only to the service provider (e.g. summer camp, speech therapist, medical supply store, etc.). Supporting documentation is required to process the grant request (i.e. medical bill, EOB, invoice from service provider, camp application, etc.) and should be mailed or emailed with the application.


SUFD and NEOPAT each reserve the right to award specific amounts for any applicant depending on the situation and the amount of applicants receiving grants.  In 2015, the total amount of the grant fund is $3,000.



Application Process:


Please complete the SUFD/NEOPAT Grant Application form below. Feel free to include an explanation of any unique or special circumstances regarding your need. Once your application is received, SUFD and NEOPAT will review it, determine if you are eligible, and recommend specific grants to be received.


The SUFD/NEOPAT Grant Committee will notify the family in writing with our decision. If a favorable determination is made, SUFD/NEOPAT will write a check to the service provider indicated on the application. All grant checks will be mailed to the applicant, however it is the applicant’s responsibility to present the check to the provider. If you need any assistance, please contact Rob Snow at


Complete the form below and either print/mail the application or save/scan/email the application back to:


Stand Up For Downs

Attn: Rob Snow

4325 Deer Run Drive

Medina, OH 44256


Applications must be received/postmarked by November 30th, 2015 to be considered.



Grant Application and Award Timeline:


  • November 9-30:  Applications will be accepted only during these days.  We will not accept any applications submitted before or after this time period.
  • December 1-7:  Applications will be reviewed, discussed, and voted on by the board of Stand Up For Downs and approved by NEOPAT.
  • December 8 -21: All letters and checks will be sent out to selected applicants.