Comedy In The Cellar XI

Friday, March 10, 2017



First Comedy In The Cellar for 2017 and we'll be as funny and chariticious(not a word) as ever!  We've been packing each show, so get tickets as early as possible.

Early Show is PG-13(not G or PG!), so yes there may be some adult stuff. Late show is ANYTHING GOES.  

Headliner is Ryan Dalton who has moved on to LA and is now back gracing us with his humor for one night only. Ryan is a Cleveland native, and national headliner.  He recently won the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and has appeared on Live at Gotham, and several other TV shows.

Feature is Sam Bendekgey, who has been an outstanding feature for us in past shows and always brings the laughs.

Charlie Snow will once again grace us with his 12 year old comedy stylings for the Early Show

Other guests may happen to come by to light up the night for us as well!

Rob Snow, Stand Up For Downs founder and occasional comic, will host the night.